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Frequently Asked Questions

WSDM – District Managers is the new District Manager for Gold Hill Mesa Metropolitan District. Our company website is Of course, if you have any questions, you may always contact our office at: Office Number: (719) 447-1777


Kevin Walker – President of WSDM, LLC


Rebecca Harris – Vice President of District Services

and Gold Hill Mesa’s contact as District Manager


1. What landscape areas is the Metropolitan District responsible for maintaining?

a. The District currently owns and maintains landscape tracts, private alleys, and landscape for all public right of ways. ​Click here to view map. If the area in question is not coded on this map or considered a right of way landscape (also known as Tree Lawn), reach out to your Association contact for help.




Gold Hill Mesa Heirloom Townhome Association

Diversified Association Management



Gold Hill Mesa Neighborhood Homeowners Association

Warren Management Group

Jennifer Herbst



Gold Hill Mesa Townes Homeowners Association

Hadley Properties

Ryland Halffman


Townes at Gold Hill Mesa Condominium Association

RowCal Management

Jerry Huscher



2. What is the Landscape schedule?

a. Sod Mowing, string trimming, weed control, and blowing is scheduled to occur 26 times throughout the growing season as needed. Edging is addressed 13 times during the growing season. Aeration is done once annually. Fertilization is done 4 times as needed. Native turn is mowed 3 times during the growing season or when growth has gotten between 3”- 5” tall. Shrub pruning occurs twice a year.


3. How often are pet waste stations cleaned and re-stocked?

a. These are monitored and changed out weekly.


4. When does Snow Removal get addressed?

a. The Metropolitan District Private Alleyways are plowed once the snow is at a 3” threshold. Public Sidewalks are plowed once the snow is at a 3” threshold. These sidewalks include all single-family

homes, not townhomes or condos. Anything less will be the responsibility of the adjacent property. Snow Removal below 3” at the community center is the responsibility of the Property owner.  Click to view Snow Plow Responsibility Map


5. What happens when the snow turns into ice, who is responsible for ice removal?

a. The Metropolitan District is responsible for ice removal on sidewalks adjacent to District-owned property, public sidewalks, and the community center.


6. When are all the dead trees being addressed?

a. Due to budget constraints, dead trees are being addressed through a 3-year plan beginning in 2023. The first year will remove a portion of dead trees, and the second year replacing what was removed in the prior year and remove another section of dead trees, last year will replace the remaining removed trees. Moving forward, they will be addressed on a per-tree basis and assessed annually with our landscapers and budget.


7. What is an underdrain and how does is impact my property?

a. The purpose of an underdrain is to collect subsurface water before it appears on the road surface or in the road ditch. By intercepting this water, underdrains can help dry out road base, ditches, and banks that would otherwise be wet from emerging springs and seeps. Underdrains also prevent subsurface water from mixing with sediment-laden surface runoff during storm events. The clean water collected by an underdrain can then be directed to a stable outlet location separate from road surface drainage. (Pennsylvania State University, 2014)

b. Each property is set up with a perimeter drain that collects storm and groundwater, each perimeter pipe is connected to the underdrain system, owned and maintained by the Metropolitan District.


8. What do I do if there is water noticed in my basement?

a. First, reach out to the Metropolitan District, and they can have the Underdrain scoped to ensure the pathway is clear versus clogged. If the Metropolitan District determines the Underdrain is clear, you will need to contact a plumber to scope your perimeter drain.


9. Who is responsible for maintaining the sidewalk?

a. Public sidewalks are owned by the City of Colorado Springs; however, their code is written that adjacent property owners are responsible for maintaining the sidewalk, this includes repairs. You can reference the City of Colorado Springs Code; Article 4: Sidewalks, for more detailed information.

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